Tuesday, April 2, 2019

Freight Forwarder and Logistics Outfit Embraces Digital Revolution

Algorithm Enables Instant Cargo Quotes
Shipping News Feature
HONG KONG – US – Tigers International Logistics is the launch customer for a new instant freight rate quote engine developed by tech start up Doozee, as Tigers looks to embrace the digital revolution in logistics. Doozee is available in 12 different languages and contains an algorithm for ranking freight forwarders by transit times, reliability, price, and online ratings.

The new tool will be available to Tigers’ international agent network and will be hosted on the Tigers SmartHub:Connect portal following the release of future versions of Doozee. Doozee will then allow customers to access live quotes between all Tigers locations globally, and to customise the service they receive through SmartHub:Connect. Mark Gatenby, Chief Information Officer, Tigers, said:

“This is a significant step in the digitalisation process for Tigers. Doozee is a free of charge, agnostic ‘plug-in and play’ for everybody, and it is unique because it allows for community and collaboration between a company and its agents.”

The current version of the Doozee Cloud-based engine will enable Tigers agents to send customers full quotes in seconds via email or as an online link, with customers able to respond with the click of a button. In future, Tigers’ customers will be able to see instant quotes on SmartHub:Connect by inputting details of their consignment and route on their dashboard.

US based start-up Doozee says it will further develop the engine’s functionality to include links to postal operators, supporting Tigers’ e-commerce customers. Doozee was founded by tech pioneer Dr Scott Deerwester who co-invented Latent Semantic Analysis (LSA) technology, which has become a commonly used tool in search engine optimisation (SEO). Deerwester said:

“Tigers is a forward-thinking global company, and, as a technologist, I share their commitment to embracing digitalisation, which makes SmartHub:Connect the perfect platform to launch Doozee. Doozee has been designed in a way that is appropriately transparent and the business rules are clear, so that it is easy to use.”