Friday, January 27, 2012

Freight Drivers Warned of Impassable Conditions

'Code Red' Maintained Countrywide
Shipping News Feature

BULGARIA – Drivers of freight vehicles are warned that the sub arctic conditions which have seen the country covered with snow this week are still making many roads impassable and attempts to travel in heavy lorries illegal in some regions of the country. Trucks are reported as having to park up at various border points notably those crossing into Turkey and Greece after a ‘Code Red’ situation was declared.

Snow is predicted to stop at noon but trucks exceeding 10 tonnes are now permitted to travel again in some regions after a country wide ban was lifted. Drivers should ensure that they are permitted to proceed before entering a new district as, at the time of writing, bans still exist in at least ten districts. Regular statements are being made by the Ministry of Regional Development and Public Works to local news sources. 

Temperatures are currently down to -7°C in some areas with a state of emergency existing in Svoge, Lovech, Ivanovo, Lisichevo, Batak, Velingrad and Popovo and Smolyan, Ruse, Pazardzhik and Sofia, although temperatures are reported as rising in the capital. Communications with many areas are impossible as more than twenty power outages were reported, particularly in mountainous regions.