Saturday, April 2, 2011

Freight Drivers Should Take The P**s (Home) Says Road Haulage Group

'Don't be a Tosser' Campaign Aimed at Slovenly Habits
Shipping News Feature

UK – According to the BBC the Road Haulage Association (RHA) is conducting a campaign against freight hauliers who throw bottles of urine from truck cab windows after being caught short on Britain’s major roads. The problem has been highlighted on the A14 route to Felixstowe, the country’s busiest port and haulage companies with shipping container traffic bound for export say lack of facilities mean ‘amber bottles’ are simply tossed from the rigs.

John Howells the RHA’s Eastern Regional Director is quoted as saying the practice is anti social behaviour, no more, no less and the lack of suitable facilities does not entitle a driver who is caught short to simply throw a bottle from the cab.

Obviously this revolting practice does little for a part of the industry already under scrutiny for it’s lack of environmental credentials and it is suggested that any driver spotted indulging in throwing any litter from a truck should be reported as a matter of course.