Monday, February 13, 2017

Freight Delivery Drone is Only Logistics Linked Project in Finals for Prestigious Award

Successful Swiss Trials Provide Proof of Concept
Shipping News Feature
DUBAI – US – SWITZERLAND – There has been considerable interest over the last few years into the potential use of autonomous drones, flying or otherwise, being used in the field of logistics, with some companies already delivering critical medical supplies to remote areas and even experiments currently ongoing with a robot system that will deliver goods direct to your door from a van. Now one developer of air freight delivery drones has been recognised for its work by being shortlisted as a finalist for a prestigious award that will see the winner walk away with a $1 million prize.

San Jose based Skycart is being recognised for the successful trial its delivery system ran with Swiss Post and are now one of ten finalists in the UAE Drones for Good Awards, which is designed to encourage developers to apply drone technology in innovative ways to solve issues. Their product is the only one involved in standard logistics deliveries, with the others largely being involved in humanitarian works.

Skycart customers use a mobile app to enter an address, then the drone takes over, picks-up the package, flies it to the destination and drops it off safely. Skycart have also developed a patented picker technology for autonomous pick-up and drop-off. Speaking of the shortlisting Lukas Wrede, Skycart CEO, said:

“We’re excited to compete in Drones for Good and look forward to demonstrating Skycart’s unique capabilities. We are revolutionizing the way physical goods are shipped with our drone delivery service that will help medical services, couriers, retailers and other businesses reduce shipping costs, optimise delivery times and operate 24/7.”