Saturday, June 5, 2010

Freight Comparison Sites Now Listed In Handy Shipping Guide

New Free Category Open for Advertisers
Shipping News Feature

UK – WORLDWIDE – Today Freightoption becomes the first company listed a new category in the Guide Directory. Up until now Handy Shipping Guide has resisted such sites as many are simply extensions of existing freight and logistics supply companies designed to attract shipments just to be quoted ‘in house’. Now, with the advent of price comparison sites, love them or hate them, invading every service industry from finance and insurance to white goods, we felt it time to include sites specifically aimed at our industry within our brief.

Many people will still prefer to target specific companies with an exact specification already listed in the guide fine art, vehicle and out of gauge shipments will always need specialist attention and still more fear the slough of spam e mails and telephone calls that some price comparison sites can generate after a simple enquiry, but many will appreciate the convenience of someone else doing the legwork on a well designed site.

We spoke to Paul Parkin, driving force behind Freightoption who said:

“My business partner & I have over 14 years in the business, working for both large & small organisations. Most of that time was spent in a sales or pricing capacity. Industry has always been slow to embrace technology even when it helps improve current processes. I'd always felt that the internet could be utilised to speed up & create a more efficient tool for requesting & providing quotes - rather than the old 'look through the Lloyds Loading list & pick three companies' approach, but it was the advent of the financial price comparison sites that really prompted me to create Freightoption.

“Instant pricing similar to what ‘Go Compare’ & ‘Compare the Market’ provide is not suitable to most modes of transport, as tariff rates can normally be vastly more expensive than spot rates. So my main focus was creating a simple but effective platform for shippers to request quotes and for transport companies to provide quotes. When a quote is requested, email alerts are sent to transport companies only for the origin or destination criteria they have selected at registration, they can then complete an online quote or even upload a copy of their own.

“We do not add on a percentage or 'success fee' like some sites which results in the shipper paying to use the site, the site is 100% free for the shippers & transport companies. Due to feedback, we are looking into implementing a Premium membership for transport companies which will add features over & above what the free one provides, but there will always be a free option available.

“Another unique feature of freightoption, is that we do not hide the contact details of our users, so if you receive an enquiry or a quote. You can check the profile of the provider instantly, without committing and not knowing who you are dealing with.

“Freightoption offers several benefits to users, it is quick and easy to use, shippers can post one enquiry and receive multiple responses saving both time and money and transport companies receive targeted enquiries straight to their in box.”

Once again, as with all our listings, sites who wish to advertise in the Handy Shipping Guide can do so completely free of charge, but comparison sites will only receive a listing if they are truly independent, not simply an extension or subsidiary of an existing freight provider.