Thursday, July 8, 2010

Freight Box Trailers Rockin' All Over The World

Specialist Equipment for Chart Topping Bands
Shipping News Feature

UK – When a top rock band goes on tour the days of the cramped and smoky Transit van are probably remembered with the warm fondness that only time can bring. After the years of graft the boys (and girls) are no doubt grateful to just jump in the limo and head for the Hotel. Meanwhile however the roadies will be packing up the essential gear which each artiste needs to sound at their best.

No more is the huge amount of equipment groups like Pink Floyd used to haul around from gig to gig the province of a few top performers. Any self respecting chart successes need a vast amount of props to support them on tour, their fans expect no less. And that is where firms like Stardes Limited come in, supplying the logistics needs of the music, concert and entertainment industry.

The latest additions to the company’s fleet of specialist equipment are two new Schmitz Cargobull FP25 dry freight box trailers used to distribute the equipment used by individual artists and bands on tours throughout the UK and around Europe. Their first job will be to transport instruments, costumes and production equipment required on chart-topping solo artist Mika and leading ‘indie-band’ Kasabian’s forthcoming European tours.

The new trailers were modified for Stardes’s needs with the addition of 12 internal LED light fittings which have been recessed into the roof of the trailers. The enhanced lighting is required to illuminate the loading process which, invariably, takes place at night after a concert. In addition, the locking bar on the back doors of the trailers has been adapted to offer enhanced security, while a load securing system – developed by Stardes in conjunction with Spanset UK Ltd  - was added during the build process.

The trailers have also been fitted with ramp carriers to allow two loading ramps to be carried, while to enable Stardes to check a range of trailer functions and conditions while the vehicles are on the road, each of the trailers is fitted with Wabco’s SmartBoard monitoring technology. The trailers are constructed using Schmitz Cargobull’s patented Ferroplast Thermo Technology modular steel-skinned panels to keep loads safe and dry. Ferroplast eliminates the kind of condensation problems that are sometimes associated with single-skinned trailers or aluminium and fibreglass models during hot weather.

Finished in Stardes’s striking blue and yellow livery, the trailers feature reflective decals and conspicuous tape on the sides and rear as part of the company’s long-running ‘see and be seen’ policy. Stardes’s David Steinberg, the founder and a director of the family-owned business, commented:

“Stardes is committed to professionalism and customer care. We bought Schmitz Cargobull products not only because of the build quality of the trailers and the fact that Schmitz Cargobull could incorporate the special design features we needed, but because of the extensive after sales service back up the company offers throughout Europe. The Mika summer tour is now playing shows in Russia, so the back up service that Schmitz Cargobull offers will be of added value.”