Thursday, November 3, 2011

Freight Body Slams London Olympic Parking Charge Extension

Accuses authorities of callous cashing in
Shipping News Feature

LONDON, UK - Proposals to impose additional parking charges beyond the Olympic Route Network during the Games period in London next year have been attacked by the Freight Transport Association (FTA). The leading trade body believes that London Councils’ plans to extend the £200 parking fine penalty currently set for the Olympic Route Network (ORN) to surrounding areas is an unjustified, cynical move to cash in on the Games at a time when businesses will be under intense pressure to keep London moving.

In a statement the FTA said that: “Companies delivering goods kerbside on the high street typically attract penalty charge notices (PCNs) quite innocently. Although these are often successfully contested, which in itself costs time and money, many are not and the industry still pays many millions in PCNs each year."

This was followed up by the FTA’s Head of Policy for London, Natalie Chapman, who said:

“We all know that next summer is going to pose an enormous challenge for the logistics sector already – the last thing it needs are further financial burdens. If we want the Games to be a success we need to get behind the logistics companies that are so crucial for allowing businesses to keep up with heightened demand and to making everything run smoothly.

“These proposals are unjustifiable and heap on added pressure at a time when many companies are still trying to work out how the ORN is going to affect customer delivery. By extending out these PCN costs beyond the ORN, the goalposts have been moved once more and companies are going to be left with a bigger logistical headache if they want to avoid incurring fines for doing their jobs.”

The FTA is encouraging members to respond to the consultation on the proposed charges, which can be found HERE.