Friday, April 8, 2011

Freight And Shipping Students Should Consider University Of Logistics

No Tuition Fees for Talented Prospective Students
Shipping News Feature

GERMANY – Anyone who wishes to undertake a formal route into a management position in freight forwarding or logistics will be interested in the latest announcement from the Kühne Logistics University (KLU), a university of logistics and management in the HafenCity docklands area of Hamburg, which is this year awarding scholarships for its two international master’s study programs, the MSc in Global Logistics and the MSc in Management, for students starting in the winter semester of 2011.

Applicants can be students with a bachelor’s degree who are aiming for a career in management or logistics. Scholarship applications must be received by May 13 or June 30, 2011. Documents can be downloaded HERE or for further details about the scholarships, please e-mail

Plans to study for a master’s degree frequently fail because students cannot afford costly tuition fees. They often forget that there are a number of ways to secure financial support. From the winter semester of 2011, the KLU – Wissenschaftliche Hochschule für Logistik und Unternehmensführung is offering financial assistance to students with bachelor’s degrees who would like to study for its master’s programs in Global Logistics or Management. Applicants who have personality, commitment, bite, and passion stand a chance of securing a scholarship.

Their GMAT score must also be at least 600 points. “The financial burden was an issue for me,” KLU scholarship holder Sebastian Sass admits. “The scholarship made it much easier for me to finance my studies. I never imagined that I might be a contender because I was not a classical applicant with first-class grades, and I was surprised to be shortlisted via my other qualifications. In my view it is important that the KLU supports its students in this way.”

In addition to scholarships the KLU offers a further method of funding via the “reverse contract between the generations” which in its own way is similar to the UK’s student loan scheme in that it enables students to defer payment of tuition fees, subject to earnings, until after they have graduated and found a job thereby helping to finance the next generation of graduates. The KLU offers a comprehensive grounding for any student of logistics and there is a punchy little video HERE they have put together which nicely sums up the world of freight and logistics in around 90 seconds and there are other films available on their own site.