Monday, February 6, 2012

Freight and Road Haulage Interests Must Support UK Truck Crime Unit

TruckPol Needs Cash Fast to Survive
Shipping News Feature

Over the past year we have often written about the activities of TruckPol, the national Police Intelligence Unit which forms part of the national ACPO Vehicle Crime Intelligence Service and is dedicated to the investigation and elimination of crimes against hauliers. Since the withdrawal of government funding in April last year, the national police intelligence unit has been funded entirely by an appreciative and generous private sector. Now the unit is under threat and the Road Haulage Association (RHA), the Freight Transport Association (FTA) and Road Transport Media, are joining forces to help secure the future of TruckPol through the “Fight Freight Crime, Save TruckPol” campaign.

Without a source of funding we may see the end for what is the only resource of its kind dedicated to fighting road freight crime and the help is needed urgently. Anyone who regularly reads the UK sector of the Handy Shipping Guide news will know that, as times get harder financially, we witness an exponential rise in both the frequency and seriousness of lorry crime. The Fight Freight Crime campaign is looking for support and funding from the road freight sector it represents to raise funding for TruckPol at a time when this organised truck crime is a growing threat.

It costs approximately £120,000 to fund TruckPol for 12 months. However, in these straightened times the collective pot of private sector funding is still some £30,000 short of the mark and with April fast approaching time is running out. RHA Chief Executive Geoff Dunning puts the case eloquently saying:

“To manage a problem one must have the ability to first measure its true scale. TruckPol provides vital information on such criminal activity and is the only police resource dedicated to collating and disseminating data and intelligence on UK truck crime. To see the demise of this unit would be a catastrophe and would set us back ten years.”

His view was supported by Theo de Pencier, FTA Chief Executive who commented:

“TruckPol plays a key role in the fight against criminal gangs which target a sector that is both vulnerable and attractive to thieves. The fact that the industry it helps to protect has kept it afloat this last year shows how highly regarded it is. Sadly, without government funding, TruckPol is once again facing closure and it is up to industry to save it at the eleventh hour.”

If you are interested in finding out what you can do to support the campaign to secure TruckPol's future please contact for details.