Monday, February 13, 2017

Freight and Passenger Ferry Company Commits to Long Term Assistance for Medical NGO

Mercy Ships Enrols a Major New Sponsor
Shipping News Feature
WORLDWIDE – The humanitarian NGO Mercy Ships has joined with Stena Line, the world’s largest privately owned passenger and freight ferry company, in a long-term partnership. The goal is to raise general awareness about the charity, and to promote volunteering and charitable giving, both within Stena Line itself as well as amongst its travellers and partners. Mercy Ships owns and operates the largest civilian hospital-ship in the world to deliver free, world-class health care services to the poorest nations in the developing world. Since 1978 the NGO has helped more than 2.5 million people.

The humanitarian ship’s crew is made up of more than 400 volunteers from forty nations. Surgeons, nurses, technical, marine and many other professionals, an average of a 1,000 volunteers yearly, pay their own expenses to aid those in need of safe surgical expertise and healthcare.

At the end of January, Stena Line’s CEO Niclas Mårtensson visited the Africa Mercy, currently docked in Cotonou, Benin, to see for himself the work done on-board. The Mercy Ship is a former Scandinavian rail ferry which was converted to a hospital ship with five operating theatres and spends ten months at a time in African port cities. Speaking of his experience there Niclas Mårtensson said:

“I see the great need to support Africa, where Mercy Ships with their volunteers, their commitment and knowledge, make an enormous difference. During the stay on-board the vessel in West-Africa, where I met patients and saw the operation of the organisation, I realised that this is a life-changing contribution. To see and experience this is a very important experience for me.”

Stena Line’s vessels and social channels will be able to reach some 10 million people every year with information about Mercy Ships. During the spring of 2017 Stena Line will cooperate with Mercy Ships Sweden to bring awareness of the charity’s commendable cause on their vessels in all of Europe. Stena Line is also presently working to set up a programme for sponsoring staff/crew who would like to join as volunteers on Mercy Ships vessels. Pascal Andréasson, Head of Marketing for Mercy Ships Sweden concluded:

“Mercy Ships is a unique organisation and we very pleased to see the great support from Stena Line. They have taken our mission to their heart and it is great to see their willingness to partner with us to support the work we do.”

Photo: The Africa Mercy currently docked in Benin.