Saturday, June 11, 2011

Freight And Logistics Transport Managers May Like Device Which Slows Haulage Drivers

New Technology on the Way to Curb Persistent Speeders
Shipping News Feature

EUROPE – ERTICO – ITS Europe, a Brussels based conglomeration of organisations all with vested interests in promoting Intelligent Transport Systems and Services throughout Europe and beyond, have announced a project this week with implications for many in the road freight and logistics fields. A new system designed to slow both private motorists and the drivers of vans and other small haulage vehicles is to be tested in the Netherlands.

Electronics and software development group Technolution, based in Netherlands and the UK who recently carried out an Intelligent Speed Adaptation (ISA) project for Transport for London (TfL), are seeking eighty volunteers from the provinces of Noord-Holland and Zuid-Holland to participate in trials of a device designed to slow habitually speeding motorists, the bane of the lives of transport managers at many haulage companies, particularly those with fleets of smaller vehicles.

Speeding accounts for a range of problems from increased fuel and maintenance costs to higher accident rates and the new scheme is to test a smart information communication technology (ICT) platform that encourages habitual speeders to remain within the speed limit. The system consists of an advisory mode, 'Speed Monitor', and an adaptation mode, 'Speed Lock'. Speed Monitor mode only displays the applicable maximum speed on screen in an advisory capacity, but initiates the Speed Lock if the driver repeatedly breaks the speed limit.

When activated the Speed Lock limits the speed of the vehicle, making it impossible to break the applicable speed limit. Speed Monitor and Speed Lock were developed for possible implementation in the cars and vans of notorious speeders.

Dutch drivers interested in participating in the project can read information in Flemish HERE and more details are available from the Technolution site.

Photo: The Intelligent Speed Adaptation system developed for TfL which informs the driver if he is speeding and which he can program to automatically keep his speed within the limit.