Thursday, April 5, 2012

Freight and Logistics Specialist Reconfigures Aerospace Segment

DSV Unifies Global Operations
Shipping News Feature

WORLDWIDE – Danish headquartered freight and logistics specialists DSV which operates in over sixty countries has announced the unification of its aerospace divisions around the world into a single global Aerospace Organisation in a move it says is ‘to bring together its specialist knowledge in the industry vertical and enhance the service level it is able to offer clients’.

Henceforth the diverse segments which previously managed the supply chain solutions of several key global customers will all come under the new division’s umbrella. While Nicola Morton will head up the Aerospace Organisation in EMEA, South East Asia and Indian Subcontinent, Juergen Horak will take charge in the Americas, Hong Kong & Oceania and China. Ms Morton, Manager, Aerospace Division, Europe, Middle East and Africa, DSV Air & Sea, said:

“The global organisation will offer complete transport solutions for the full range of products and equipment required by the aerospace industry, from small ‘aircraft on ground’ parts, through to full fuselage sections, and aircraft engines, and it is committed to offering expertise in supply chain consulting, implementation, and execution.

“DSV Air & Sea has already put its experience in building supply chain solutions for aerospace companies to work by complementing their core competencies to allow them to focus on customers and growing the business.”