Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Freight and Logistics Sector Takes a Look at Latest Security

From Pirates to Terrorism-Transec 2012 Opens Today
Shipping News Feature

UK – Today sees the opening of Transport Security Expo 2012 which even more than usual is relevant to the freight and logistics sectors as the industry responds to the pirate activity around the African coastlines and beyond and the ever present threat from international terrorism.

Transec 2012 will host three high level conferences with leading industry experts speaking on Aviation, Maritime and Public Transport Security see the latest programme details HERE plus six Technology Workshops with over 50 free-to-attend sessions latest details HERE.

The show includes over one hundred exhibitors demonstrating the latest transport security products and services with visitor entry from 09:00 each day to 18:30 hours on the 14th November and to 16:30 the following day.

Photo: Courtesy EU NAVFOR. On the 20th October European Union forces from the German frigate FGS Sachsen stopped an Arab fishing dhow rescuing 20 Iranian sailors and detaining (albeit temporarily) seven pirates.