Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Freight and Logistics Group Win First Pet Passport Scheme Approval

EFL Pioneers New Instant Stress Reduced Access Scheme for Imported Animals
Shipping News Feature

IRELAND - EUROPE – WORLDWIDE - Following hard on the heels of our recent 'Mugly Dog' story it seems everybody is keen to promote their own pet shipping credentials and, as anyone who has had to import an animal from overseas will tell you, the process of shipping one's own beloved darling creature can be more than a little stressful. Now freight and logistics outfit EFL International Distribution tells us it has become the first company in the Irish Republic to become an approved carrier under the Irish Government’s ‘Pet Passport System’.

In December 2011, EFL initially received authorisation from the Irish Government Department of Agriculture, Food and Marine to operate as an approved registered carrier of pets into Ireland from other EU member states. Following changes in the European legislation, relating to the movement of pet animals within the EU as well as international moves to and from EU countries made earlier this year, the Dublin-based company has now been granted authorisation to operate as a transporter of pet cats and dogs under regulation 6 of the European Communities (Pet Passport) Regulations 2012. EFL managing director, Eddie Mullin, explains:

“With our government approval, EFL is now the first company in Ireland that is able to manage the complete importation process for pets, from all parts of the world. This includes customs clearance, veterinary examination and documentation checks to ensure a safe and speedy release of the animal to its owner. The service is provided from a mobile veterinary unit, by a registered and approved veterinary surgeon working with a member of our pet specialist team on the day the animal arrives into Ireland.

”With the mobile unit, owners and breeders importing dogs and cats into Ireland, will no longer have to arrange for their animals to be transported from Dublin airport to the Government-approved veterinary clinic to complete the required formalities; removing costs, reducing the processing time and avoiding the extra travel for animals which may have already endured long transits from their origin.

“Using the EFL service, pet owners benefit from being met at Dublin airport by the mobile veterinary unit, together with a member of our pet specialist team, on the day of arrival after the incoming flight touches down.”

The authorisation will allow EFL International to provide full documents and animal examination of pets arriving from countries considered to be of high risk for animal diseases, a service that to date was only available at one Government-approved veterinary clinic six kilometres from Dublin Airport. Prior to arrival, the customs clearance process for the animal in question will have been initiated. Once airline transfer and documentation has been completed the company will then arrange for the dog or cat to be taken directly to the veterinary unit for examination. Providing the pet clears the physical examination and document check they can be released and handed over to their owner without further delay. The complete process from arrival to release will take on average two hours.

EFL has also exported pets from Ireland to various countries globally. A Saint Bernard was moved recently to Yangon, Myanmar with the assistance of EFL’s transportation and logistics services partner U-Freight Group’s (UFL) office in London. The first clients to use the new mobile unit will be two cats originating from Thailand with EFL co-ordinating with UFL’s office in Bangkok to arrange the movement to Dublin.