Thursday, September 22, 2011

Freight and Logistics Group Takes Supply Chain Information to a New Level

Multiple Sensors Ensure Non Tampering and Instant Positioning of Shipments
Shipping News Feature

GERMANY – WORLDWIDE – In a move that would even make the late Ian Fleming scratch his head the latest bit of kit from Deutsche Post Group Company, DHL is an impressive jump in technology for anyone interested in the difficult task involved in the freight and logistics problems which surround extremely sensitive cargoes. Aimed principally at the shipping of pharmaceuticals the DHL SmartSensor GSM ensures the client can track his consignment right through the entire supply chain.

The new device however is much more than ‘another track and trace’ option, similar to the many RFID devices we are becoming so blasé about recently. The DHL SmartSensor GSM is a small high-tech device that is packed inside the shipment making it possible to monitor the transport of highly sensitive shipments anytime and anywhere. In addition to measuring the temperature during transport, the new high-tech device also measures humidity, shocks, brightness and location.

Since the data is accessible through a web-based tool, no hardware is required. The new product GSM is the advanced version of SmartSensor RFID, which is also still available throughout the DHL network. Both solutions were developed by DHL Solutions & Innovations (DSI). The tiny device uses the standard GSM format gathering the relevant data and sending the information pro-actively, sending e-mail or text message notifications if problems arise during transport, such as a change in temperature. In addition when activated the light sensor hidden inside a parcel will tell that a package has been opened prematurely and advise the client immediately.

The device is suitable for all multimodal forms of transport, even switching its inbuilt antenna off automatically before take off when part of an air freight shipment. Despite this the sensors continue to record data in flight, particularly relevant given the hold temperatures of intercontinental flights, however the information is not sent whilst in the air to avoid interfering with the plane’s own electronic systems.

The DHL SmartSensor GSM is aimed principally at the company’s expanding Life Science & Healthcare services and is the advanced version of SmartSensor RFID, which is also still available throughout the DHL network. Both technologies were developed by DHL Solutions & Innovations (DSI) whose Vice President Martin Wegner is justifiably proud of the new addition saying:

"Our new solution is the first of its kind on the market and offers exactly what our customers from these industries need. Being able to control highly sensitive and valuable goods such as medications or other pharmaceutical goods from start to finish is invaluable. With our new expanded solution, both the sender and the recipient have complete transparency, 24/7 - we make this control especially easy for our customers."