Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Freight and Logistics Experts Honoured by Environmentalists

US Scheme Champions Those Who Help to Clean Up Trucking
Shipping News Feature

US- The SmartWay partnership, pioneered by the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) is a collaboration with private sector partners intended to clean up the commercial transport sector, primarily the movement of freight by road haulage. This month those individuals within the logistics sector who have promoted the cause have been honoured by being made ‘SmartWay Champions’.

This year six individuals and six teams have been lauded for their efforts to reduce the economic and environmental impact with their use or advancement of innovative strategies to save fuel and reduce emissions. The 2011 winners are:

Glen Kedzie, Vice President and Environmental Counsel of the American Trucking Associations (ATA), Glen has made SmartWay a key component of the ATA’s sustainability protocol and has acted as a liaison officer between the EPA and the trucking community.

Mitch England, Corporate Vice President, C R England who shared the knowledge gained from the innovative work carried out on his company’s fleet of refrigerated trailers to advise on aerodynamic trailer design plus his company’s investment in over 2,800 SmartWay designated tractor units.

Mark Servidio, Vice President of Logistics & Environmental Supply Chain, for the Sharp electronics group for consistently upgrading the training of company staff and ensuring ecologically friendly practices are consistently adopted since bringing Sharp into the SmartWay scheme seven years ago.

Dave Guernsey, Senior Sustainability Program Manager at UPS who since the inception of the EPA scheme has introduced cutting edge technologies such as the use of hybrid vehicles to improve the environmental performance at UPS.

Mike Kelley, Chief Sustainability Officer and Vice President of External Affairs, YRC Worldwide who helped mould the program into what it is and after signing up YRC has gone on to promote the cause through presentations and interviews.

Dave Berry, Vice President, Swift , another individual who has helped craft the scheme after introducing Swift to the SmartWay project in its early days. Dave has been directly responsible for replacing over 7,000 trailers and over 6,500 tractors with SmartWay equipment and continues to promote the cause.

As Team Champions Mark MacLeod and Elena Craft of Environmental Defense Fund (EDF) and James Jack of the Coalition for Responsible Transportation (CRT) helped to organize a group of stakeholders to provide feedback to EPA as it developed a national port drayage truck program within SmartWay aimed at reducing harmful air emissions from the trucks that service US ports.

The IKEA transport team ensured SmartWay standards amongst the company’s carriers throughout the US and Canada. Gary Whicker and Kristi Noland from J B Hunt ensured the investment in over 500 SmartWay vehicles and adopted cleaner multi modal options throughout the organisation whilst Harry Haney, Michael Cole and Timothy Dzojko of Kraft Foods instituted a scheme whereby smaller carriers could afford to retrofit fuel and emission saving technologies and spent time educating their many suppliers about more sustainable options.

Steve Palmer and Kevin Perry from Lowe’s, the home improvement group,developed a program that brought their organization’s entire network of U.S. carriers into SmartWay, which had a positive influence on the environmental performance of hundreds of carriers particularly in and around the country’s ports. Mark Whittaker and John Sheehy of Pepsico were instrumental in bringing together shippers and carriers into a working group to share best practices whilst also assisting carriers retrofit cleaner technology options to their trucks. As a truly major operation they demonstrated how a multinational corporation can utilise energy saving, cleaner methods of transport for their goods.

The SmartWay scheme includes several different facets from the benchmarks employed by its partners to assess environmental qualities, through a grant scheme to assist smaller hauliers with improving their fleet to testing programs and the identification and promotion of cleaner cars and trucks. There is even an international section to advise and assist overseas companies interested in greener transport methods.