Monday, April 8, 2013

Freight and Logistics Customers Misled over Import Export Certificates of Conformity Rumour

Bad Publicity Can Be Damaging - Even When Untrue
Shipping News Feature

WORLDWIDE - SAUDI ARABIA – For any company involved in the freight and logistics business, misleading publicity can be extremely damaging. Whether a road haulage operator or an international container shipping line, the close community nature of the import-export trade means that rumours can spread quickly, becoming low level urban myths which can cost time and money to correct. The latest group to be affected by a wholly inaccurate report is the international government support and testing agency Intertek which issues Certificates of Conformity for companies wishing to export goods to the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

Many types of import goods in numerous countries around the world require certification showing that their quality and integrity have been checked by a recognised body such as Intertek. In this case the company, which has provided conformity assurance to the Ministry of Commerce and Industry (MoCI) in Saudi Arabia for eighteen years making it the longest serving service provider for its Conformity Assessment Programme, discovered an international courier company has been mis-informing clients that Intertek's Certificates of Conformity are no longer accepted by the Saudi authorities

Intertek, no small operative in this field with over 1,000 laboratories and in excess of 35,000 staff across over 100 countries is at pains to point out to its global clients that nothing could be further from the truth and its Certificates of Conformity continue to be trusted and accepted by Saudi Customs as they have for almost the past two decades.