Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Freight and Customs Software Package Now Up in the Cloud

Web Browser Based Management System Stays Ahead of the Game
Shipping News Feature

UK - NetFreight’s web-based freight management and Customs processing package is now available ‘in the cloud’ following an extension of the alliance between its developer Impatex, and freight industry hardware specialists Albacore Systems. Launched in 2005 and acquired by Impatex in 2007, NetFreight was designed as a browser based system, operating either on a user’s in-house server, or on an external, hosted server.

In practice, most NetFreight users have so far opted for in-house installations, in order to avoid potential problems over connections between their ISPs and the various port and airport community systems, and because of concerns over external hosts’ system reliability. Now, with the new tie up, Albacore will provide a hosting package for NetFreight customers on its own dedicated high-security servers, which have well-established communications links to CNS, MCP and CCS-UK providing for the needs of all DTI communities. Impatex MD Peter Day, explains:

“Most of our NetFreight customers currently run the program from their own in-house servers. This means they are denied a major benefit - the inherent location-independence of NetFreight, which offers added security and reliability when hosted remotely. Our new partnership with Albacore means our customers now have the option to operate the system remote from their physical locations, on servers which are maintained by freight industry hardware specialists, with dedicated comms links to all community systems and Customs. This finally unlocks the full power and potential of NetFreight.”

Albacore have a track record with NetFreight as we have detailed previously and managing director, Cliff Atkinson, was keen to illustrate his company’s pedigree, saying:

“We already provide and maintain the hardware for many NetFreight customers, so providing them with cloud servers is a logical progression in our service offering, and an extension of the strong working relationship which has existed between Impatex and ourselves for 20 years. We fully understand the mission-critical nature of all [freight] operations, and the industry’s special needs. Our dedicated servers are already an integral part of the industry’s communication network, and the hosting of additional NetFreight customers is a simple and straightforward extension to our daily business.”