Monday, August 12, 2013

Forwarding and Logistics Cooperation Offers Project Freight and Break Bulk from New Premises

Austrian and German Joint Venture Continues Asian Expansion
Shipping News Feature

VIETNAM – The unusual cooperation between multimodal transport and freight forwarding partners Gebrüder Weiss from Austria and German based Röhlig Logistics, which sees the two companies sharing strengths in a joint venture, Weiss-Röhlig, operating in chosen world markets, has opened its first branches in Vietnam, to offer a broad portfolio of air and sea freight, project cargo and break bulk services.

The region is seen as a developing trade area with labour costs in some industries significantly lower than many other South East Asian countries, particularly China, and now, after more than a year’s construction work, two branches in Ho Chi Minh City and Hanoi, add to the groups Asian network which now extends, via its own subsidiary companies, to ten continent wide countries. The two offices are strategically situated for access to the country’s key manufacturing and transport regions.

The new development comes after a long standing relationship with the Vietnamese transportation company RLG, whose international forwarding business was taken over by Gebrüder Weiss. Cristian Predan, who previously managed Gebrüder Weiss Air & Sea in Romania and Bulgaria, will lead the new company and intends to push for domestic business as well as promoting the group’s international offerings. Joe Lässer, Air & Global Development Director at Gebrüder Weiss, says his view is that lower production costs will continue to attract firms to trade in the area and he believes the local economy will strengthen, commenting:

“After some turbulent years in which transport orders have fluctuated wildly, the situation has stabilised considerably in recent times. The [new] sites in northern and southern Vietnam are an ideal addition to our network on the South China Sea.”

Photo: The modern skyline of Ho Chi Minh City bears little resemblance to many peoples mental picture of it. (source: Gebrüder Weiss)