Friday, October 2, 2020

Formula 1 Supplier Gets New Fully Automated Logistics Centre Designed and Built

Company Headquarters to See Significant Expansion
Shipping News Feature

GERMANY – Materials handling equipment specialist Jungheinrich is building a new logistics centre for WEGMANN automotive, the exclusive supplier to Formula 1, in Veitshöchheim, Lower Franconia. This major project at the company's headquarters is scheduled to be completed by the end of 2021.

WEGMANN not only provides the equipment for racing cars however but supplies all notable automotive manufacturers as well as leading retail organisations. The new logistics centre near Würzburg has been designed to utilise automated warehouse systems to increase handling performance through fast access times.

Automation is intended to ensure error rates will remain low while the use of space will be maximised. Jungheinrich will supply the company with a comprehensive solution from a single source which includes everything from the detailed planning of processes in both the new and the existing buildings, to the supply of modern technology.

The heart of the project is a high-bay warehouse featuring automated pallet conveyor technology. Stacker cranes from Jungheinrich subsidiary MIAS allow for automated storage inclusive of control units and visualisation. Automated guided vehicles from Jungheinrich will keep material flowing through the new centre with three-phase AC technology enabling long deployment times.

The automated guided vehicles are navigated by laser technology which is connected to reflectors along the warehouse aisles. The AGVs receive all information via the Jungheinrich Logistics Interface. This interface connects the trucks directly with the customer’s SAP EWM system.

The new automation solution also includes lift racks that provide optimal utilisation of space. To make small parts picking effective, the lift racks and trays are also directly connected to the customer’s SAP EWM system through Jungheinrich’s logistics interface. This ensures optimum process transparency.

Following completion, WEGMANN automotive’s new logistics centre will process internal and external incoming goods, storage, order picking and shipping at the most advanced level. The scope of supply includes a Jungheinrich service and maintenance package and original replacement parts for all equipment.