Monday, September 30, 2013

Formal Education and Qualifications in Shipping Still a Popular Choice

Worldwide Members Seek to Improve Professionalism and Ethics as Well as Knowledge
Shipping News Feature

WORLDWIDE – The Institute of Chartered Shipbrokers (ICS), first instituted over a century ago before the commencement of the Great War, has now become a truly international organisation with over 4,000 individual members spread globally throughout the 25 branches and 18 teaching centres. The Institute is dedicated to educating those seeking to obtain accepted formal qualifications, from Foundation Diploma up to full Professional Qualification within the shipping industry.

At the annual meeting of its Controlling Council, held this year in Vancouver, Canada the ICS welcomed 200 new members this month, which it says demonstrates the value of continuing education, professionalism and shared ethics which the applicants from forty countries feel are relevant to furthering their careers. The largest growth areas this year were London, Athens, Mombasa and Dubai, each accounting for 10% or more of the new members. ICS Director Julie Lithgow, says the level of interest in ICS membership demonstrates that, in the wake of London International Shipping Week, and a wide-ranging debate on London’s commercial future, qualifications speak most loudly when building a maritime career, continuing:

“The credibility of any training institution rests not just with the standard of education provided, but with the students who progress through its doors and the ethics they display. To commit to learning new skills and being brave enough to take exams to prove that you have acquired these skills, is doubly commendable when the economic outlook and job market prospects remain uncertain.

“Wanting to study more, to learn more, must be a habit we all develop. It will make our industry stronger, and it will help shipping professionals move through our industry to become leaders. Aristotle said ‘excellence is an art won by training and habit’. Our new members are making a very public commitment to seeking out excellence in their careers, and making it a habit.”