Monday, October 7, 2013

Fork Lift Trucks to Cold Chain and Tyre Logistics - Freight Forwarding and 3PL Group Partners Up

Working Closely with Suppliers and Collaborators Brings Benefits
Shipping News Feature

WORLDWIDE – Two companies which seem to be enjoying a degree of mutual success are materials handling specialist Jungheinrich and freight forwarding and 3PL group Ceva Logistics. In the UK, the fork lift truck specialist announced a £6million investment in its already extensive fleet taking the total of models available for customers to hire to over 4,000, most of which are under two years old. Meanwhile, at a ceremony in Florida, Jungheinrich was presented with Ceva’s European Supplier of the Year title at an awards event designed to recognise best practice and excellence amongst the supply chain company’s providers.

For its part Ceva Logistics has announced two developments of significance with the news that the company has been awarded a new three-year agreement and strategic partnership with Michelin to manage its tyre warehouse located at Michelin’s plant in Valladolid, Spain. Under the contract, Ceva will handle warehousing services from a 25,000 square metre facility including inventory management, picking and loading transport bound for Michelin customers, automotive manufacturers, spare part and maintenance companies.

Ceva works with Michelin in several other countries around the world including in Thailand where, it handles the inbound movement of tyres from Michelin’s production plants into warehouse facilities in three main locations across the country. Meanwhile in London, Ceva has launched, in cooperation with Tower Cold Chain Solutions, a new solution for shipping temperature sensitive pharmaceutical products in a secure environment at a consistent temperature.

The KryoTrans KTM (KryoTrans Modular) modular pallet container has been developed by the pair to provide a secure and flexible means of transporting temperature controlled pharmaceutical products such as vaccines. It is capable of being used between -20 and 15 to 25 degrees Centigrade using phase-change materials and at temperatures from -20 to -60 degrees Centigrade using dry ice. The containers are capable of maintaining the temperature for up to six days; critical when shipping temperature sensitive life saving drugs around the world.

The latest move comes after the successful launch of the City of Pharma in Stradella, Italy and Ceva has clearly set its sights on keeping up with what, once again, we are informed is one of the few areas of freight which shows signs of continuous development.

Photo: The KryoTrans KTM range.