Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Fork Lift Trucks Favoured by Freight and Logistics Staff Gain Vision Guided Automation

Hyster Adds More Technology to its Rugged Image
Shipping News Feature

US – WORLDWIDE – Hyster, producer of fork lift trucks much favoured by many in the freight and logistics sector, principally for their durability, has joined together with Seegrid®, the award winning provider of vision-guided flexible automated guided vehicles (AGVs) in a bid to increase the ‘intelligence’ of its trucks using the Pittsburgh headquartered technology company’s vision-guided automation systems.

The system delivers smart navigation without the need for wires, lasers, or tapes (unlike many other AGVs) and the partners say the move can help reduce the total cost of ownership for certain lift truck fleets, improving productivity, minimising damages and raising safety levels. Anthony Horbal, Chief Executive Officer for Seegrid, commented:

“The rugged Hyster product line paired with Seegrid’s revolutionary vision-guided navigation system combines the best of two solid technologies. The relationship between our two companies provides Hyster customers the opportunity to deploy an important automation solution with a trusted equipment brand already used every day in manufacturing and distribution.”

Hyster, these days a subdivision of the Hyster-Yale Materials Handling group, now manufactures 130 different configurations of truck with LPG and electric options as well as petrol and diesel with lifting capacities up to 105,000 lbs. Brett Schemerhorn, Vice President of Marketing for Hyster is clearly delighted with the options the new agreement can provide, saying:

“The toughness of our Hyster products are matched only by their complementary intelligence to deliver a high level of overall value to our customers. We are excited to see how we can integrate more technology into some of our products with the ‘Guided by Seegrid’ technology.”