Tuesday, June 12, 2018

Fork Lift Truck Maker and Specialist Shipping Container Company Depart for Watery Visits

What Better Way to Show Riverside Dock Facilities Your Wares Than a Barge Tour?
Shipping News Feature
NETHERLANDS – GERMANY – FRANCE – SWITZERLAND – Hyster, the fork lift truck and materials handling group, has commenced its 2018 'Rhine Tour' from the TOC Europe event in Rotterdam this week and this floating demonstration of the group's wares will be accompanied by those from the CakeBoxx Technologies stable, with a pair of the company's 20’ hi-cube containers also aboard the barge, and securely storing some of the Hyster products inside.

This watery barge campaign will tour along the course of the river Rhine stopping to give demonstrations en route at various locations including Lauterbourg (Strasbourg), France on 21st June, Birsfelden (Basel), Switzerland on 26th June and Wesel, Germany on 9th July to appear at further events. CakeBoxx Technologies’ Marketing and Communications lead Stuart Clark said:

“We’re really excited to tour the Rhine with Hyster, particularly with the tour’s focus on innovation, efficiency and practicality. CakeBoxx containers are a problem-solving, disruptive technology in the transport and logistics markets. The best way to convey this this is by demonstrating them, so they can be seen in person. In addition to being handled and moved by Hyster equipment, the lids of the two CakeBoxx 20s will be operated in the ‘unveiling’ of cargos on the decks. It’s going to be quite a spectacle!”

Hyster Europe, the organizers of the tour, have coordinated this schedule of stops at selected inland terminals along the Rhine to conduct the demonstrations and, along with the unique, two-piece CakeBoxx containers to house and protect Hyster equipment during the journey, several other key Hyster suppliers and partners will also be featured throughout the cruise. Hyster Europe Industry Manager Mark Nailer commented:

”With our shared mission to create innovative solutions to customer challenges that deliver real value back to the market, CakeBoxx Technologies was an obvious partner for Hyster on the tour. We have many synergies in our business models but the customer centric approach and desire to give the customer an alternative from the standard off the shelf offerings were strong factors in our decision to bring CakeBoxx Technologies on board.”