Thursday, May 7, 2015

For Specific Freight and Logistics Situations Metal Can Win Over Traditional Wood

Correct Choice of the Humble Pallet is Often More Hygienic and Less Costly
Shipping News Feature

UK – One of the best aspects of freight and logistics exhibitions such as Multimodal is that they provide an opportunity for those in the industry to examine products which offer them something out of the ordinary or more technically advanced. Effective cargo and goods handling comprises many different elements, up to date IT systems, efficient mechanical handling equipment etc. Sometimes however it is the simpler items which can be overlooked and one company at this year’s show was keen to inform the attendees of the benefits of metal pallets.

PZ Metal Pallets of Watford manufacture long life, low maintenance pallets suitable for a myriad of storage and transport situations. Obviously not a cheap option they can return more as an investment for any company which keeps its stock ‘in house’, staying within company facilities and retaining a substantial asset value. Damage is unlikely with such a sturdily manufactured item and there are other distinct advantages which may not at first be so obvious.

Firstly the pallets remain at exactly the same weight come rain or shine, they do not absorb water nor are they variable in size and mass, unlike wooden pallets which can differ radically. In addition, for those operating cold stores, the metal cools much more quickly, reducing electricity costs whilst sterilisation is faster and more efficient, more hygienic with no risk of wood boring or other infestations here and, should the pallets be used internationally, therefore no problems with health certification.

Obviously the risk of fire is removed, who hasn’t seen the stack of broken wooden pallets left carelessly against an outside wall? With no rusting, warping or burning these stronger pallets are far less susceptible to damage, always stack evenly and can be supplied as a bespoke option even in aluminium or stainless steel for specific duties.

Metal pallets will never usurp their wooden cousins for general duties, carrying freight to all points of the compass, for specific situations however they are sometimes both a more efficient, and better economic choice.