Monday, September 22, 2014

For Sale or Lease - One Working British Seaport Open for Container or Bulk Freight Vessels

Local Authority Puts Harbour on the Market
Shipping News Feature

UK – With the referendum decision last week the sale of Perth Harbour means that it is a British, not Scottish, portfolio which the local Council have to market having come to the decision to offer the site for sale or lease via property agents Bidwells. Vessels up to 90 metres and 2,500 tonnes can access the central Scottish port which sits 30 miles inland on the River Tay which may make it an attractive proposition for an established port management group or a container feeder or bulk freight shipping line with grand designs.

Perth Harbour is home to four main berths between 66 and 135 metres in length and the tidal basin is around 1.2 hectares in total. Transferral of the legal obligations of Perth & Kinross Council regarding existing tenants leases, port security, duties of the statutory harbour authority and various legal matters including tenancy of the Crown Estate land on site will need to receive Ministerial approval to ensure any deal can go ahead.

With Dundee to the East and access to regions north of Edinburgh and Glasgow to the South the harbour could prove interesting, particularly to any company trading in the Scandinavian and Baltic regions, providing as it would a more northerly base for export and import traffic. Cargoes currently transiting range from traditional agricultural related freight such as animal feedstuffs and fertilisers to timber, chemicals and barite ore.

Photo: The picture from 1880 shows how long the Perth Harbour basin has been a centre for the regions trade.