Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Food and Drink Supply Chain Stakeholders Can Benefit from Warehouse Logistics Update

A Chance to Ensure You Are Aware of Current Techniques and Technologies
Shipping News Feature

UK – Warehouse and logistics management specialists ATMS have got together with the Food Storage and Distribution Federation (FSDF) to plan a technology update workshop aimed at anyone who has any cause to handle food and drink through their supply chain support operation and would like to ensure they are cognisant with the current management systems available. 

ATMS say if you are considering changing your Warehouse Management System, planning to introduce a WMS first time or just want to improve your warehouse operations, you can benefit from attending the workshop. It is tailored for manufacturers, distributors operating within the food & drink logistics industry and for logistics providers with customers within food and drink sectors.

The intent is for the workshop to take attendees through all the current technology available necessary to overcome the typical challenges which can arise in the industry with particular focus on visibility, control and traceability of the entire supply chain. The half day event includes:

Warehouse Management Systems - the latest trends in WMS including live dashboards that could help significantly improve warehousing productivity

Voice Recognition - how voice recognition can be used for hands free, error free picking.

DataHub – a stable, controlled and flexible approach Mobile technology - how the latest hand held mobile technology could help you improve your supply chain and warehouse efficiency plus Remote Warehouse Management and Serialised Stock Tracking.

The event is taking place on the 26th April 2012 in the offices of ATMS, Aston Science Park, Birmingham. It is starting at 10.30 am and finishing at 12.30 followed by a networking lunch with the guest speaker being Malcolm Johnstone, FSDF President. To book a place you can link HERE or email  or call 0121 628 9000.