Wednesday, November 6, 2019

Flat Rack and Lid Containers Can Serve More Than One Type of Security

Valuable Cargoes Obviously - But Now Those Awkward Loads As Well
Shipping News Feature

UK – WORLDWIDE – When CakeBoxx came up with the original concept of a standard ISO shipping container - minus the doors, there is little doubt that security with regard to the prevention of theft, was probably uppermost in the designer's mind. Time however has shown that security comes in different guises, and opened up a whole new market for the flat rack and lid devices.

At first sight certain cargoes undoubtedly lend themselves better for shipment as break bulk freight. The difficulties which arise manoeuvring such items as large coils or long lengths of valuable metal in and out of standard boxes mean they have traditionally been shipped exposed to the elements and the vagaries of poor handling as they pass along the supply chain.

The nature of international shipping means that such cargo may be physically moved a dozen times or more en route to its final destination, onto a truck and off again, moved around a depot, loaded on a vessel before being transhipped and so on.

The CakeBoxx concept completely removes that element of mishandling, loaded onto a flat rack, properly secured for a one off journey, the lid put in place and the next time it sees the light of day is the arrival at the consignee’s premises, still strapped in place with the original lashings secured by the experts whose job it is to produce the product.

If one envisages the case of metal coils for example, notoriously heavy, very expensive, liable to damage simply by exposure to the elements and extremely difficult to secure on a pallet or suitable frame which is strong enough to cope with multiple handling movements. CakeBoxx produce the CoilBoxx 20 foot model container specifically targeted at such traffic.

The deck includes cradles adjustable to accommodate up to three coils, outside diameters as large as 1700mm and as small as 300mm with a maximum width of 2232mm. Coils can be easily secured without the need for blocking and bracing or any further packaging using the embedded tie-down system.

Customs inspection? No problem simply ‘lifting the lid’ reveals the contents in their entirety giving full visibility with no need to remove excess packaging. High value steel and aluminium cargoes of all dimensions which are easily damaged or affected by weather stay protected at all times.

For those long beams and re-bar shipments which always need two experienced fork lift drivers to load and unload when using a standard box, CakeBoxx can supply 40, 45 and 53 foot models which simply load from the side using their full length access. And for smaller cargoes like metal sheets and ingots, the 20ft CakeBoxx models are the choice with the addition of a ShortBoxx 20ft container, half normal height and which can be safely and efficiently stacked, maximising product haulage potential with the same footprint as a standard container.

Since they were introduced as a standard metal box the evolution of containers has continued apace with open top, tank containers and extra high variants all progressing the now universal system, and the CakeBoxx range is proving itself an equally valid development, now with the ability to serve two niche markets equally successfully.