Tuesday, April 1, 2014

First European 5PL Linked to Fluvial Freight Forwarding and Drone Transport Technology

Your Chance to See the Future of Virtual Logistics as 4PL Concept Expanded
Shipping News Feature

EUROPE – Today sees the launch of the world’s first truly 5PL group superseding the nature of 4PL operations with a simplified concept which is set to completely revolutionise the world of freight and supply chain logistics. The new entity will rely heavily on the rising technologies including rapidly developing drone delivery systems and the new interest in intercontinental fluvial transport links for the final delivery leg of everything from small individual shipments to huge project forwarding operations.

Previously 5PL has been used to define financial sourcing of SC, GS3 and Optional Sourcing Requirements (OSR’s) essentially for logistical throughputs but these have been debunked by many as simply gimmickry whereas this latest development really gets to the heart of what drives the average logistics middle management executive’s take on the dispersal of 3 and 4PL services and their actual role in the supply chain. You can understand the concept better by reading more here.

The new company, Aprillinarri, is Finnish based is also launching its own app to coincide with today’s announcement which by itself has the ability to control every aspect of the supply chain automatically with virtually no input from the customer. A simple enquiry punching in the details of any product, or scanning its relevant barcode will result in the app sourcing the best supplier using a production time/quality/cost algorithm which then produces a full specification of when goods will be ready how they are to be shipped and who by a breakdown of the carbon cost comparison with other methods/suppliers, the rates to charge for every shipment of any size to anywhere in the world, and so on.

The app, R1LF-001, complete with demonstration video, is downloadable for free HERE and the possibilities which the new product opens up have been compared to the revolution in manufacturing which the new wave of 3D printers are set to provide. For the first time the human element has been completely removed with the company promising optimum performance for every logistics operation, from a single small item to major project forwarding consignments. Turkish industry analyst Nisan Aptal, commented:

“What Aprillinarri has done is simply astounding, they have taken the concept of 4PL operations to a completely new level, no longer will a supplier have to rely on a company with no logistics assets, employing a group of other companies, also with no transports assets whatsoever but can deal direct with a virtual presence that will comb the globe for suppliers to meet every requirement of a partricular supply chain.”

Aprillinarri General Manager, Yksi Valehtelija, was effusive when questioned about the new company’s activities saying:

”It was essential we launched today of all days, Aprillinarri has a special meaning in Finnish, just as does Nokia, the town first credited with its products. This concept is the ultimate in vertical integration, taking the elements of intellectual property, physical capabilities, new transport technology, elements of communication and RFID and GPS coordination, smart phone inclusion and mixing it all up using newly conceived algorythm, AP- RILF-oo1, to produce something truly unique. Any forwarder who fails to sign up here for the new app and accompanying algorythmic driven technology, Youm Uggs, will be missing out on the future, and some in the supply chain actually take this sort of thing very seriously ”.

Photo: Courtesy of the MoH (Museum of Hoaxes).