Monday, February 8, 2010

Finnish Container Ship Sheds Hazardous Goods Into Baltic Sea

Marine Search Continues for Poisonous Chemicals
Shipping News Feature

SWEDEN – In a catastrophic accident on Saturday three steel shipping containers fell from the decks of the MV “Linda”, an 11,000 tonne Finnish owned freighter. The accident happened after the bottom container in a stack of four folded and shed the others into waters south of the island of Gotland. One of the boxes contained inflammable cargo but the other two are believed to hold around fifteen tonnes of materials toxic to marine life.

A full air and sea search was conducted by Swedish Coastguards to no avail. Authorities are asking any ships transiting the area to keep a look out for the three boxes which, in addition to the obvious risk, will pose a serious danger to other shipping if semi submerged.

The "Linda” is one of five bulk and container vessels owned by OY Langh Ship AB based in Pikis in Finland. We were unable to contact the company at the time of going to press but they concentrate much of their business on moving steel coils in adapted cut away containers. In December the company website stated that as from the innovation of the newly converted 40 foot boxes they could load up to 160 tonnes in each specially adapted steel container.

Pic: MV Linda