Friday, April 20, 2018

Fight Against ISIS Needs Skills in Logistics and the Ubiquitous Shipping Container

Ocean Freight Boxes Take on Yet Another Role
Shipping News Feature
IRAQ – Once again the ubiquitous shipping container is proving its versatility, this time in a security role fighting against ISIS, or Daesh, if you prefer. Logistics group Move One, which has vast experience in the war zones of the Middle East, was charged to be primary clearing agent and freight forwarder throughout Iraq for the latest project on behalf its prime contractor Theodor Wille Intertrade GmBh.

First job for the Dubai headquartered group was to locate 200 suitable containers then paint and add suitable livery and prepare them for their land based role. The boxes formed the basis for kits being transferred to the Iraqi Security Forces. These containers were evenly split between two programmes, ‘Police Presence in a Box’ and ‘Border Guard in a Box’. Each of the 200 containers included over 50 different line items consisting of upwards of 200 pieces of various police and border security equipment including furniture, barriers, generators and laptops.

These ‘boxes’ are to allow the Iraqi Security Forces to quickly set up temporary stations in liberated provinces and provide them with the equipment necessary to adequately and safely perform their roles in securing and maintaining areas previously held by ISIS.

Move One was tasked with international transportation of the containers and their contingent parts by air, sea and road UAE, US and UK to Iraq via BIAP, Umm Qasar and Safwan, and also attending to Customs clearance, Diplomatic approvals and all the attendant warehousing, stocktaking and delivery processes.

Obviously working in area such as Iraq in the current times can mean performing in a difficult and fluid environment, and Move One coordinated the Diplomatic note and PMNOC permissions for all shipments. On the ground, Move One Baghdad managed the receiving, inventory and loading from a secured facility around the clock, working through checkpoint closures during the day and security concerns at night to bring the project to fruition.

Photo: One of the security stations set up and based on the 20’ container.