Monday, December 11, 2017

Ferry Company Will No Longer Supply UK HGV Levy Passes to Foreign Road Haulage Drivers

Truckers Warned to Ensure They Pay Toll Before Entering Britain
Shipping News Feature
UK – The Department for Transport has issued a special Christmas 2017 edition of its HGV Levy bulletin to keep overseas drivers and road haulage operators up to date of what they need to know about the charge which is designed to ensure foreign operators pay a suitable amount towards the cost of building and maintaining the UK’s roads. All UK and non UK vehicles weighing 12 tonnes and over using UK roads are liable as soon as they enter the UK.

The intention is to remind hauliers who enter the UK infrequently how they can ensure they do not incur penalties for non-payment, a £300 on the spot fine if stopped by the DVSA, and let them know of latest developments. As the Levy must be paid before entering the UK the main item of interest will likely be the fact that, after 31 January 2018, P&O Ferries will cease to operate as a point of sale agency for the HGV Levy.

Christmas is a time when many drivers who do not normally travel to Britain come to the UK and, should they be unable to pay a fine straight away, their vehicle will be towed away and held. Frequent travellers on the other hand can save money by purchasing monthly or annual levies. Checking if a vehicle is registered already for a levy can be done using the government site and the appropriate link at the foot of the page. For this, or to register an account use this link.