Tuesday, December 8, 2009

FedEx Express Confidence Again For International Freight Traffic

Parcel Giant joins in with Optimistic Forecasters
Shipping News Feature

US – Memphis based FedEx Corporation, whose second quarter results are due on the 17th December, have joined others within the industry in presenting a positive picture for global freight movements for the coming months. Along with rivals like DHL’s owners Deutsche Post, the parcel shipper is in an ideal situation to gauge forthcoming world trade, albeit based mainly on recent trends.

Things for FedEx have been moving, literally, faster than expected. With the ability to analyse results from their everyday US small package trade, plus its international express delivery network the company has predicted earnings growth around ten percent up on what was expected when it publishes its figures this month.

Traffic levels have of course dropped over what were the previous heights of a year ago and more but now that customers stock levels are depleted the position is a lot clearer with monthly levels regularising and a steady month on month growth reported throughout different sectors of the business with a resultant rise in share prices as reported here in September.