Tuesday, September 15, 2009

FedEx and UPS News Boosts Industry Confidence

Cautious Optimism as Shares in Transport Companies Rise
Shipping News Feature

US – It seems that freight and transport generally are now being viewed favourably by financial analysts on Wall Street. The view seems to be that the hand wringing and head shaking by logistics suppliers’ world wide have caused stock in the major carriers to be undervalued.

The rising levels of trade in the past couple of months are being taken as a positive sign by the “experts” with forecasts for the big two parcel carriers being touted as rosier than had been thought. This news comes in addition some US freight rail groups also being touted as ahead of the game with recommendations for the Norfolk Southern Corporation as a long term prospect.

Although many in the industry traditionally take a sanguine view of financial analysts when predicting the future the signs are that, long term, we can expect a steady rise of traffic levels from the depths of recent months.