Thursday, July 16, 2020

Fast Charging Batteries Make Electric Ferries a Reality for City Transport

Seven Minutes to Power One Journey
Shipping News Feature

DENMARK – Without doubt the most outstanding fact to come from the latest press release regarding the new breed of electrically powered, zero emission ferries being deployed in Copenhagen is the charging time for the vessels' batteries, an incredible seven minutes.

The DNV-GL certified LTO battery systems to equip the five vessels have just been delivered from Swedish based supplier Echandia Marine. The project saw Movia, the country’s public transport provider put out a tender, won by Dutch shipyard group Damen, which in turn selected Echandia.

Working closely together with other suppliers Eekels, Heliox and Staubli, the international team developed an innovative auto-mooring system to ensure a secure connection between the vessel and charging infrastructure. The ferries will now cover passenger routes in the central metropolitan area of Copenhagen as well as to the port area and serve as a blueprint for future sustainability projects in cities around the world.

According to Damen, the ferries reduce Copenhagen’s public transport NOX emissions by 2.5%, CO2 emissions by 10% and particulate emissions by 66%. As well as a positive environmental impact, there will be a noticeable improvement in efficiency and experience. The ferries are silent, which the builders say make for a beautiful ride, and that 7 minute charging time after each journey negates the need for longer charging periods which take the ferries out of service.

For its part Echandia says it has pioneered the world’s most advanced heavy-duty LTO battery systems, supplying zero-emission energy to the maritime and rail markets. This focus has led the company to become Toshiba’s preferred maritime module integrator and one of the few global suppliers with the experience, solutions and certification to embark on large projects.