Monday, December 31, 2012

Express Freight Driver Saves Unconscious Woman from Fireball

Car Explodes Seconds after Heroic Rescue
Shipping News Feature

US – A reasonably happy story to end the year is that of Scott Teuscher, a driver who has been delivering freight for FedEx Express for eleven years and is being hailed as a hero, a title he disputes, after he dived into a car involved in a serious road crash with a semi truck and rescued the driver just seconds before the vehicle turned into a fireball.

The fire on the road was already burning when this Knight of the Highway pulled up and asked witnesses if everyone was OK. After the truck driver involved in the accident was pointed out to him he queried the whereabouts of the car driver receiving no answer except blank looks. He hastened to the driver's side of the stricken Honda Civic to see the unconscious woman slumped across the passenger seat so he immediately opened  the door and pulled her from the vehicle . Moments after his heroic act the Honda exploded which ‘sent chunks of car all over the road’. Scott takes up the story:

“There was fuel all over the ground, it could have gone up at any second and around 30 seconds later it did. I couldn’t have gone on feeling good about myself knowing I did nothing. I just hope others would do the same for me and my family”

As soon as the emergency services arrived on the scene near Grass Valley, California Scott climbed into his cab and carried on with his work, bloodstained overalls and all, leaving the family of the seriously injured driver to later thank him for his heroic act.