Friday, April 23, 2021

Explosion Rocks RoPax Ferry After Lorry Catches Fire On Board

All Reported Safe as Ship Severely Damaged
Shipping News Feature

CHINA – A major disaster was narrowly avoided this week when a RoPax ferry suffered a major fire whilst docking in the Chinese port of Weihai.

The 37,000 gross tonnage Zhong Hua Fu Qiang returned to port after a lorry carried aboard started to emit clouds of smoke. No sooner had she reached the berth when a huge explosion occurred and a huge fireball erupted, the event caught on video by a bystander.

Fire crews had been standing by to meet the ferry, amongst the newest and most modern in the country built in 2020 by the Huanghai shipyard and owned by a subsidiary of the Bohai Ferry Group, the Weihai Haida Passenger Transport Company.

The company Christened her Sheng Sheng 3 until it was bought by Bohai which renamed her. The ship only launched last April on the Dalian-Wehai service with the capacity to carry 2,300 passengers and having 2,300 lane metres.

The ferry has apparently suffered considerable damage following the incident but miraculously according to local press report there were no injuries to passengers or crew.

Photo: the moment after the explosion which rocked the quayside.