Monday, August 15, 2011

Ex Military Help Wanted As EU Anti Piracy Force Seeks Specialist Staff

EU Navfor Recruiting a Somali Cultural Adviser
Shipping News Feature

SOMALIA – EUROPE – Any regular readers will know the scale of the pirate problem affecting merchant vessels in the Gulf of Aden as more and more bulk freight and container ships are subjected to attacks by gangs’ intent on collecting a ransom.

Now EU Navfor Somalia, the European force charged with escorting vessels bound for the area carrying cargoes of aid to the stricken populace are looking to employ a military or ex military professional to advise it on pirate culture including the evolving nature of the offences committed, pirate weaknesses and culture and to work with Specialist Staff and the intelligence team in order to develop possible pirate cases for prosecution (in the region or through a Member State).

Full details of the job can be seen on the EU Navfor site HERE together with details of how to apply. Applications close 24th August 2011.