Thursday, April 28, 2016

Every Ship from Container Vessel to Bulk Freight Carrier Needs a Clean Bottom

Now New Fuel Savings Calculator Compares the Benefits Against the Costs Incurred
Shipping News Feature
DUBAI – WORLDWIDE – We have written before of GAC EnvironHull’s HullWiper technology which scrubs the hull of any sizeable vessel remotely and the self-evident benefit that its use can have whether the vessel be a container ship, tanker or bulk freight carrier. A foul-free hull offers the benefits of significantly enhanced fuel efficiency and lower operating costs by reducing resistance in the water. A clean ship sails smoother through the water, gives a greener and more sustainable solution and offers energy savings of up to 10% of fuel.

As with any maintenance the scrubbing clean of a hull costs money and now, to evidence the value of employing its services, GAC EnvironHull has spent the last year developing an online calculator in response to market calls for a quick, easy-to-use method of comparing savings achieved through different hull-cleaning techniques at a time when owners and operators are under intense pressure to cut costs.

The calculator factors in vessel size, speed, voyage, fuel type, temperature and anti-fouling coating used for a range of vessels including bulk carriers, container ships, LNG/LPG vessels and tankers. It also takes into consideration the hidden costs of divers using brushes or others abrasives, which can damage expensive coatings, when comparing fuel saving achieved through traditional cleaning methods and the HullWiper Remotely Operated Vehicle (ROV). HullWiper inventor and GAC EnvironHull’s Technical Director Robert Anderson explains:

“This new tool gives users an easy way to plan their route, calculate and compare savings. With it, they can make an informed decision about which hull cleaning system to use to optimise their vessel’s performance and profit.”

The EnvironHull system does not require divers, just an operator alongside as it uses pressurised sea water jets to dislodge and remove fouling without damaging the paint beneath. GAC EnvironHull claims its environmentally-friendly system also saves up to 30% on costs related to antifouling coatings and further that, taking all the operational costs into consideration, using HullWiper can help reap savings of 50-100% for shipping companies.

The calculator can be accessed HERE and used by PC, laptop, tablet and smart phone.