Saturday, May 15, 2010

Eurotunnel And Eurostar Services Suspended As Channel Tunnel Freight And Passenger Services Halted

Train in Tunnel Causes Disruption
Shipping News Feature

UK – FRANCE – A train is reported as stranded in one of the Channel Tunnels causing emergency procedures to be activated. At this time there is no clear indication of what has caused the problem but a Eurotunnel Freight spokesman told the Handy Shipping Guide:

“A train has become stranded in a tunnel which triggered an alarm activation. At the moment we are initiating procedures to disembark and recover passengers and crew from the stricken vehicle and services have been suspended.

We are anticipating a delay of a couple of hours and intend to transfer to single tunnel working shortly.”

This of course is not the first time trucks shipping through the tunnel link have had problems in recent times illustrating the problems of tunnel travel in the light of breakdowns, fires etc.,which is balanced in many peoples minds by the risks and delays associated with RoRo ferry crossings in rough weather.

UPDATE 1100 Hours 15th May - Services have resumed but as predicted there are delays. The emergency was caused when a Carbon Dioxide sensor triggered an alarm causing a Eurotunnel Freight Train carrying approximately 30 vehicles and drivers was halted in transit. The drivers have been recovered and there are efforts in place to restore services fully within the next few hours. An investigation into the cause of the alarm is continuing.