Thursday, January 12, 2012

European Logistics Cooperative Buys Japanese Freight Group

Another Asian Investment for Gebruder Weiss
Shipping News Feature

JAPAN – EUROPE – US - Logistics and freight forwarding conglomeration Weiss Röhlig has announced it has acquired JHB Express, a twelve year old international logistics company specializing in sea and air freight, based in Osaka, Japan effective from the 1st January,as part of the joint venture company’s continued Asian expansion plans. The purchase price has not been disclosed. Joe Lässer, Director Air and Sea for Gebrüder Weiss commented:

“With the acquisition we will gain more stability in Japan. In addition to strengthening our intra-Asia especially our major trading partners in the USA and Europe will benefit from this expansion.”

Weiss Röhlig has a global network with more than 6,000 employees and 153 branches in 43 countries. In Asia, the joint venture of Gebrüder Weiss and Röhlig & Co. Holding is represented in seven countries and services in Japan, where the new purchase will become the second pillar in the groups operation behind the Tokyo headquarters, include daily shipments to all major cargo hubs in Asia.

As part of the acquisition Weiss Röhlig will also take on the importation cargo certificates such as IATA and the Japanese Consolidation License whilst previous owner of JHB, Hikoiku Yoshikawa, will become vice chairman of Weiss Röhlig in Japan, to ensure continuity during the integration process, Japanese Country Manager is Kazuyoshi Fujiwara and all employees will remain with the company.

Photo:  Joe Lässer, Director Air and Sea for Gebrüder Weiss