Thursday, April 15, 2010

European Air Freight Likely To Be Hit Throughout the Day By Ash Cloud

Projections See Much of Northern Europe And Russia Affected
Shipping News Feature

EUROPE – The volcanic ash cloud that has closed the UK airspace to traffic is projected to gradually sweep south throughout today, causing disruption to European air freight and passenger traffic across Scandinavia, the low countries and Northern Europe.

Currently Oslo airport is stating that they have cancelled flights on the Norwegian west coast and north of Trondheim, but the number of airports expected to be affected is highly likely to increase throughout the day. Anyone travelling to or from the region or with shipments dues should check with their airline or logistics provider. 

The current UK Met Office prediction sees the cloud reaching as far as Eastern Russia by midnight Greenwich Mean Time tonight. See here for ongoing projections.

(note: Ongoing updates will be added to the comments section by the editor as they become available)

Note latest Met Office update here.