Monday, November 13, 2017

Europe Consults Freight and Logistics Industry on Under Use of Electronic Document Systems

European Commission Thinks Greater Efficiency Possible if Paper Dumped
Shipping News Feature
EUROPE – The European Commission has launched a consultation into why the use of electronic documentation for freight transportation is not more widespread. The EC believes that digitalisation can significantly improve efficiency, reliability and cost-effectiveness in transport and logistics but that the majority of the documents used in freight operations are still issued and archived on paper and that it wants to understand why this is, considering electronic documentation can offer significant advantages.

Due to the large number of documents involved in the logistics supply chain the Commission has decided to focus the initiative on the range of contract of carriage documents. These documents are those most commonly referred to as ‘transport documents’ and are governed by specific international conventions such as CMR. Depending on the transport mode concerned, they take the form of consignment notes, waybills or bills of lading.

The EC is seeking feedback from public authorities in the transport sector, as well as customs, fiscal authorities and law enforcement, shipping companies, transport and logistics companies, ITS/telecommunication service providers, trade unions, NGOs and interest organisations, researchers and academia as to how they can improve the uptake of electronic documentation.

Interested parties can give feedback via this questionnaire, which will be open until 18 January 2018.