Friday, October 4, 2019

Escape to a Better Life for a Creature Granted Human Rights

Unusual Case of a Hard Done by Orang-utan
Shipping News Feature

ARGENTINA – US – Rarely does another species receive human rights, however it was the granting of these by Argentine judge, Elena Liberatori which freed up an orang-utan, Sandra, allowing her to escape her Latin American captivity for new life in Florida.

The 33 year-old orang-utan has spent her life in captivity, originally born in Germany before moving to an Argentinian zoo 25 years ago. After protests in recent years to provide Sandra with improved, more stimulating living conditions, she was eventually granted human rights for a non-human by the judge in order to aid in her transportation and eventual relocation to a primate sanctuary.

American Airlines Cargo took care of the business end with team members volunteering their time to assist with the precious cargo at 05:00 on the morning of Sandra’s arrival. In accordance with federal labour laws and CDC (Center for Disease Control) procedures, they were on hand to ensure Sandra received the best-in-class customer experience. Upon arrival, she was safely loaded onto a van waiting to carry her to the Sedgwick County zoo in Kansas, where she will complete her quarantine.

The director of the eco-park in Argentina where Sandra resided after the Buenos Aires zoo closed in 2016, Federico Iglesias, said she arrived at the quarantine in perfect condition, and Sandra will remain at the quarantine for medical exams before moving to her final home at the sanctuary in Florida where Iglesias said she will have bigger compounds and special caregivers in the Center for Great Apes, which has a more suitable climate than her previous Argentinian home.

Sandra travelled in a container designed specifically for her to which she had grown accustomed and would willingly enter ahead of the flight. The Cargo Operations and Sales teams in both DFW and EZE worked closely with Sandra’s handlers and airport personnel to confirm Sandra’s journey to the United States on American would be her best option out of Argentina. David Vance, VP Operations for American Airlines Cargo, said:

“It was an honour to provide our services to aid in Sandra’s relocation and eventual new home in a more suitable environment. Our teams worked hard and quickly to ensure everything ran smoothly, and we look forward to following Sandra’s story.”