Tuesday, September 22, 2020

Electric Trucks Make Their Environmental Mark on Leading Climate Change State

Battery Power Extends to Ever Larger Vehicles
Shipping News Feature

US – If one were asked which state in the country generally takes the lead in the climate change agenda, chances are most would name California as the place which has persistently tried all available methods to make the world a cleaner place. True to form it is a part of California Climate Investments, a state wide initiative that puts billions of Cap-and-Trade dollars to work reducing greenhouse gas emissions that has helped fund the latest project, to see electric trucks carrying freight on the US highways.

As a part of the initiative comes the Volvo LIGHTS (Low Impact Green Heavy Transport Solutions) programme, and now third-party supply chain solutions provider NFI is piloting a trial of two Volvo VNR Electric trucks, becoming the third company to deploy the battery-electric vehicles. The Volvo VNR Electric trucks join NFI’s fleet of more than 4,500 heavy-duty tractors that support its dedicated transportation and port drayage services and they are based out of one of NFI’s warehouse facilities in Southern California that serves as a central distribution centre for the region.

Recognised as a four-time award-winning, EPA SmartWay Partner, NFI continues to implement a variety of clean vehicles and equipment to reduce its overall emissions, including electric heavy-duty trucks, near-zero emission natural gas vehicles and battery-electric warehouse equipment. Jim O’Leary, vice president, Assets/Fleet Services at NFI Industries, commented:

“As the future of goods movement in the US changes from more of a long-haul operation to regional and hub and spoke models, not only is that NFI's wheelhouse, it’s an ideal scenario to immerse electrification into our regional hauling strategy. Our executive team is excited to collaborate with the Volvo LIGHTS team to accelerate our transition to a zero-emission fleet, so that we can lower our carbon footprint, reduce our operating costs and provide a better work environment for our drivers.”

Volvo’s VNR Electric trucks produce zero emissions and significantly reduce heat, noise and vibrations allowing for the cleanest and most comfortable experience for drivers. One such NFI employee, Karl Williams, said the quiet vehicle had seen him coming home ‘feeling a lot calmer and a lot more relaxed at the end of the day’. Peter Voorhoeve, president of Volvo Trucks North America concluded:

“By participating in the Volvo LIGHTS project, NFI is helping to prove that Volvo’s VNR Electric trucks can handle the daily rigours of freight movement. NFI continues to be a leader in sustainability and it comes across in everything they do. NFI is realising the immediate value the electric VNR provides, not just by eliminating emissions but creating an enthusiastic workforce complimenting the experience of driving these electric truck models. We are proud to continue to partner with NFI, a leader of fleet innovation and a fellow champion of sustainable transport solutions.”