Thursday, August 1, 2013

Electric Light Commercial Freight Vehicle Wanted? Design Your Own Tuk Tuk

New Website Facility Allows Customers to Customise Their Vehicle
Shipping News Feature

NETHERLANDS – WORLDWIDE – The Dutch are not the first nation one would think of in connection with the ubiquitous Tuk Tuk, those colourful open backed taxi’s which offer one the scariest ride of your life around Bangkok and other exotic destinations. The vehicles however are loved the same way as many adore Mini’s and the Tuk Tuk Factory, based in Diemen to the south east of Amsterdam, have a vision of populating the world with their electric powered versions and are offering customers the opportunity to design their own bespoke vehicles, as freight and parcel carriers for the inner cities.

With a payload up to 400 kilogrammes the Cargo version of the Tuk Tuk can be the ideal light commercial vehicle for many companies. Tuk Tuk factory call their all electric concept the e-Tuk and it will doubtless appeal to many small parcel carriers. Using the new web tool one can devise a totally original vehicle as Roland Vos, director of the Tuk Tuk Factory, explains:

“We literally put our customers in the driving seat where the design of their e-Tuk is concerned. It’s these customers that play a leading role in the development of our 'fun flavoured' vehicles. Experience has taught us that people have an even greater affection for our e-Tuk’s if they can tailor-make them to match their specific wishes. So instead of implementing product-standardisation, we decided to embrace the diversity and to design a complete new website for it."

The new web configurator ‘My e-Tuk’ means that in a couple of easy steps a wild combination of colours and options such as seat heating, rain covers and speed charging can be selected. The fine-tuning process at the Tuk Tuk Factory’s production facilities, where passenger, cargo and vending e-Tuk’s are produced, provides the opportunity to order a highly configurable wide range of options and so every visible part in the e-Tuk can be individually selected. With electric e-Tuks appearing all over the globe, from Greenland to the Caribbean according to the manufacturer, it became clear that the overwhelming demand from the type of customer who wanted one of the vehicles was to individualise the appearance of their chosen vehicle and thus the new facility was born.

The Tuk Tuk Factory currently has European distributors in Germany, Portugal, Italy and Switzerland, as well as its native Netherlands.

Photo: An e-Tuk Cargo model.