Saturday, February 5, 2011

Egypt - Latest Bulletin For Freight And Shipping Interests

Suez Canal Operating As Normal - Labour Shortage Hinders Ports
Shipping News Feature

EGYPT – As the world watches the dramatic events unfold, the situation in the country as regards import freight continues to improve but with diesel shortages and lack of labour hindering many discharge operations. Shipping container terminals continue to function almost normally however during limited working days, most freight depots only working between 0900 and 1400 hours.

 Break bulk operations on transhipment goods are continuing and customs clearance staff are working half days at the Port of Alexandria plus local banks say they will re-open for business tomorrow (Sunday 6th February) with the stock market also due to commence operations again from Monday. Bulk cargo silos are understood to be working as are the oil and gas terminals, albeit some with restricted hours and fixed line and mobile telecommunications have now returned to normal as has internet access.

Thankfully for shipping lines passage through the Suez Canal has continued throughout the crisis although some crew service facilities have been impossible to maintain due to the labour and banking situations preventing vessels obtaining spare parts and other essentials. The daily curfew has been relaxed slightly, and is now in place from 1900 hours every evening until 0600 the following day, local time.

Photo:- Courtesy of the Suez Canal Authority