Tuesday, September 6, 2016

e-commerce Drives One Hong Kong Freight Group to Invest in New Logistics Technology

Global Warehouses Redeveloped to Enable Upsurge in Cargo Throughput
Shipping News Feature
CHINA – WORLDWIDE – One thing which remains a constant in the field of global logistics is the somewhat ironic fact that the sector is constantly changing as demand for products differs both in the form of cargo on offer, the geography of where it is both sourced and required, and the technologies used to pick, pack and shift it. One group which anticipates the changes in the current market is Hong Kong headquartered U-Freight (UFL) which has committed to investing in redevelopments at a number of its warehouses around the world to better equip them to handle the logistics associated with by far the fastest current facet of change, the ever-growing global e-commerce business.

For some time, U-Freight has been showing its commitment to developing e-commerce logistics and in respect of cross-border e-commerce in China, the company has already been certified by China Customs and CIQ as a licensed Cross-border E-Commerce Enterprise, as well as a Cross-border E-Commerce Logistics Service Provider. The firm's website has a page dedicated to video instructions explaining all facets of how to use its e-commerce warehouse operating system and CEO, Simon Wong explains the philosophy behind the company’s investment, saying:

”The warehousing requirements and operational methods that underpin e-commerce logistics can be subtly different to those that are required by the traditional general cargoes that we handle. That is why we are planning significant investment in equipment, pick and pack areas, low level racking and mezzanine floors in many of our warehouses.

“Already, we have started the re-equipping and redevelopment of some of our multiple facilities in Hong Kong as this is a natural gateway for the massive boom in the volume of goods bought via online shopping or overseas agents by consumers in China. However this will also be replicated at our warehouses around the region, including facilities in China, the Philippines, Singapore and South Korea, and elsewhere around the globe.

”U-Freight already has a system that can connect e-commerce / e-shop platforms with China Customs / CIQ and, which delivers data transparency, which is a requirement of the Chinese authorities. A decision to invest in redevelopments at our multiple warehouses across South East Asia, is a further demonstration of our commitment to delivering the type of logistics services that will be required as a result of the wholesale change in the way that manufacturers, wholesalers, retailers and consumers are coming to the market.”