Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Eastern European Rail Freight - and Logistics Group - Benefit From Spanish Technology

Track Gauges are not a Problem for Talgo
Shipping News Feature

SPAIN – EASTERN EUROPE – One group who seem to be making a success of the continuing inclusion of the Eastern bloc into a wider commercial environment is Spanish manufacturer Talgo which produces rail wagons capable of changing gauges using relatively simple yet reliable technology. We have written before how the company has engaged in discussions to supply various rail freight and passengers groups which can prove a cheap option for companies which regularly cross borders encountering a bewildering variety of rail track gauges.

Last August we told how Russian Railway’s (RzD) agreed to the purchase of Talgo equipment and in January the group signed a preliminary agreement with the Russian Railway Institute VNIIZht for development of a Talgo train with Spanish technology tailored to the needs of the Russian Market and its inclement climate. Now details of the latest supply chain for a major order to Kazakhstan have been unveiled with the news that Agility has won the contract to transport 420 railway wagons from Spain to Talgo’s factory in Astana, Kazakhstan.

The contract is obviously a complex, heavy-lift project and Agility will provide all logistics services starting with the collection of the wagons at factories in Spain through to delivery. Agility says it has already successfully delivered a preliminary shipment despite extremely challenging deadlines and the company's Managing Director of Area South, Francesc Casamitjana said:

“Agility has a strong presence in Russia, Ukraine, Kazakhstan and Turkmenistan. We understand fast moving economies and bring experience and know-how to industries such as engineering, energy, mining and heavy equipment supply.”

Photo: The Talgo gauge changing system in operation.