Sunday, October 24, 2010

Dutch Ferry Collision with Freight Vessel Kills One

Captain Lost After Accident
Shipping News Feature

NETHERLANDS – The unfortunate accident on Friday when an inland waterway freight carrier struck and sank a small passenger ferry on the Amsterdam-Rijnkanaal canal has claimed the life of the ferry’s skipper a 56 year old Dutch national. The canal had been closed as the authorities searched it for possible victims as initially the ferry was thought to have been carrying passengers.

The 70 kilometre long canal is a busy waterway and the freighter was believed to be a German registered ship which transits to and from the Rhine and its two crewmen were detained and tested for alcohol which proved negative. Fortunately the Dutch half term holidays meant the waterway was less busy than usual.

The skipper of the sunken ferry was working for SvetsODV, a Dutch supplier of crew and nautical staff and reports state they were also the stricken vessels owners. An inquiry is being held to establish the exact cause of the accident.

Photo: The twin screws of the upturned, flat bottomed ferry can be clearly seen. Courtesy EDP.